Human Foosball

Human foosball is like the table top game foosball but on a much larger scale. In this version, you act as the players in the game and must move together to help your team score goals. Groups of any size can enjoy a game or speak to one of our coordinators about setting up a tournament. For pricing information or to book call (416) 461-4400 or email us at

Suggested Rules:

Human foosball is best played with either a timed set or a cap of X amount of goals.


  • 5-10 minutes is ideal for timed sets.
  • Capped games are best played to 4 goals.

The Game/Scoring

  • The object of the game is to be the team with the most goals. To score a goal you must kick or direct a goal with your body into the net
  • At all times, players must hold onto two straps on their pole
  • Players must always face towards the goal they are attempting to score on
Bookings begin at 1 hour in duration and is best suited for 12 people (teams of 6).


Human foosball is always facilitated and typically played in the mini-pitch. The facilitator will have everything setup, give game instructions, keep everyone involved, keep score, and provide an enjoyable experience for all participants. Cost is $550+tax per hour.

For further pricing information or to book please call (416) 461-4400 or email us at

We’re conveniently located just 5 minutes from downtown Toronto in the Portlands. 176 Cherry St.

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For pricing information or to book call (416) 461-4400 or email us at All of our prices include field rental costs.