Beach Volleyball

Step barefoot onto our 70,000 sq ft beach featuring 23 outdoor sand courts. Groups of any size can enjoy a game or speak to one of our coordinators about setting up a tournament. For pricing information or to book call (416) 461-4400 or email us at

Suggested Rules:

Beach Volleyball is best played with either a timed set or a cap of X amount of points.


  • Typically, 15-20 minutes is ideal for timed sets.
  • Capped games are best played to 21 points.

The Game/Scoring

  • Rally point scoring for volleyball is standard. Meaning 1 point will be scored for every time the ball is put into play.
  • A player may not block or spike while returning a serve.
  • A server may serve the ball from anywhere along the baseline.
  • A player may play the ball off any part of his/her body, including feet
  • A player may not touch the net during any part of the play.
  • A player may pass under the net as long as it does not interfere with the play. In other words, a blocker or hitter may land under the net/cross the line, as long as it happens without stopping the play or hindering the opposition. Please avoid doing this where possible to eliminate the possibility of injury.
  • A block is not considered one of the 3 passes
  • Servers rotate after winning five consecutive points
Bookings begin at 1 hour in duration and is best suited for 12 people per court (teams of 6). There’s two types of beach volleyball packages. The first is facilitated and the other is rental.


Facilitated beach volleyball comes with our events facilitator to host your event. They’ll be responsible for: engaging your group, organizing and coordinating games, any equipment, volleyball lines, nets, keeping score (if possible), and timing, among other things. Cost is $225 +hst per court per hour.


Volleyball court rental entails you’ll have the court available for your time that was booked to do whatever activity you want on the court. Beach volleyballs and scoreboards can be obtained from the front office upon arrival. Cost is $115+tax per court per hour.

For further pricing information or to book please call (416) 461-4400 or email us at

Our beach courts are conveniently located just 5 minutes from downtown Toronto in the Portlands. 176 Cherry St.

Contact Us and Play!

For pricing information or to book call (416) 461-4400 or email us at All of our prices include field rental costs.