Pickup Beach Volleyball

If you are looking for outdoor pickup volleyball in Toronto you’ve come to the right place!

At Ballsports, we are not currently offering pickup beach volleyball.

If there are any changes, we will post our pickup beach volleyball schedule. You can stay updated on dates and times on this webpage.

So what are you waiting for, tell your friends and family – and bring them all! When it comes to pickup volleyball, we’ve got you covered at Ballsports.


  • $10 any time

Pickup Volleyball Rules


  • Maximum of 12 players per court
  • Maximum of 2 teams of 6 per court
  • Team size: 2-6
  • Play time: Format is flexible. As many sets as time will allow
  • Self Reffed

Rules + Policies:

  • All players must sign a waiver to play
  • Winner stays on for maximum of 2 sets in a row
  • Sets are win by 2, but capped at 4 points past agreed upon format
  • If two teams are sitting off, the next team will be the one who was off longest
  • If two teams were sitting off for equal time, a coin toss will determine next team
  • Respect a call if it is made
  • There is no limit on consecutive serves
  • Play must stop if another ball/person from another courts enters the playing court. A re-serve occurs in this situation no matter when the ball entered the court
  • Regulation volleyballs will be provided
  • Smoking is not allowed on or around the volleyball courts
  • There is absolutely no drinking permitted on the court and no alcoholic beverages allowed.
  • Profane, abusive, or foul language is not tolerated
  • No spitting is allowed
  • Anyone caught fighting will be banned from the facility
  • Climbing on the nets, dome or equipment is not permitted

Pickup Schedule