Adult Clinics

Adult Clinics

If you want to become a better soccer player you need to practice.

It's easy to find practice time as a child or teenager, but what about as adults? At Soccerworld, we believe you are never too young to stop improving. That's why we have adult soccer clinics where regardless of your age, gender, or skill level – practice will help you improve your game. We offer both beginner and intermediate clinics. Beginner clinics are geared towards individuals who are new to the game or have little soccer experience and start with the basics including dribbling, passing, and shooting skills. In our intermediate clinic we expect our participants to have the basics down so they can learn more advanced skills and game strategy. The goal of our program is fun, fitness, and improving your soccer skills in a no-pressure setting. The curriculum is designed by our coaches Saleem and Sami, the exercises are fun an easy to understand and our class sizes ensure that you get the most out of your interaction with our coaches. Participants in our clinics achieve a greater confidence with the ball from the proven drills and hands on instruction provided.

Goalkeeper Clinics

Want to start the year off with a clean sheet?

Come and sharpen up your goalkeeper skills over the holidays! We will be focusing on all the basic fundamentals; positioning, ball handling and shot stopping. By improving on these 3 key skills you will feel more confident between the posts.

Soccer Fitness Clinics

Looking to work on your fitness to improve your soccer game?

Come out to one of our soccer fitness sessions where you will burn some calories, work on your fitness and have some fun. Coach Sal and Trainer Sekhwill take you through a warm up followed by circuit training exercises with a unique focus on agility, balance, speed and strength - all with the aim of improving your game!


Coach Saleem

The adult soccer clinics are led by our resident league coordinator Saleem Haddad. Saleem has been involved in our leagues for many years as a player, team organizer and more recently staff member. He has earned his CSA coaching certification and successfully instructed several clinics. In addition, he is also a coach in the UofT Tri-Campus Developmental League, where he leads his men's team in weekly practices and in-game strategies.


Coach Sami

Sami has been involved with the SoccerWorld/Toronto Rush soccer clinics since the summer of 2015. He has been a coach with the UofT intramural program for over 8 years and now works with the UofT Tri-Campus Developmental League. More recently, he has increased his engagement with youth players (7yrs-14yrs) with an emphasis on the holistic development of technical, tactical, and personal skills. He is currently pursuing opportunities to expand his training and share his experience with soccer enthusiasts of all ages."


Coach Kat

Coach Kat brings an impressive resume to the Soccerworld coaching team as a former OWSL provincial player and the current Humber College Women’s Varsity goalkeepers coach. Kat’s playing career has seen her backstop for the Humber Hawks, the Seneca Sting and even Roma Femminile in Italy! Along with her multiple accolades as a top keeper from playing, Kat also possesses her OSA Goalkeeping Diploma and extensive coaching experience. We are lucky to have Kat as part of our team and are excited to be able to offer a truly top class goalkeeping clinic for the first time at Soccerworld!


Coach Phil

Phil calls many places home in the UK including London, Sunderland and Kent and has an obvious passion for the beautiful game. Phil was a member of Sittingbourne FC and was also part of the Gillingham FC youth team before taking an extended period away from the game due reoccurring injuries. Since moving to Canada over 10 years ago Phil has enjoyed soccer within the CPSL and still plays locally in the HPSSL. Phil has coached women's and junior soccer teams across the GTA and holds certifications from NSCAA and the OSA and plans to acquire his provincial license later this year. Phil continues to strive to achieve higher level certification and knowledge year after year.

Can anyone participate in the clinics?
What is the main focus of these adult soccer clinics?
Walk us through an average practice - what can participants expect?
Do I need to be in good shape to participate?
When is it too late for an adult to improve their soccer skills?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Are there different classes for different skill levels?


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