Adult Soccer Clinics

Our Soccer Training Programs now have with a new focus on Player Development.

Registration is open for the Late Summer Programs. Details for these new sessions are listed below. Note early start times for the summer.

Drop in class option is available with limited spots in each weekly session. Only online drop in registrations are accepted (no in person sign ups).

Training will be run by QCFC Coaches Tristan and Mo, who are certified soccer coaches with many years of training and playing experience. QCFC provides player development for soccer players of all ages but specializes in adult training. Sessions will take place indoors in the dome on the turf field.

Player Development Focus*:

  • Two QCFC trainers will be instructing and providing assistance to ensure players progression.
  • Focus will be on one area of improvement for each player, plus one area coaches believe will help each player’s growth (example pass technique + close control dribbling).
  • In the first few sessions, the coaches will assess the group and create remaining sessions based on the group’s areas of improvement.
  • Expectation is that players leave each session with minimum two areas improved.
  • Players will be provided with continuous feedback throughout the program to ensure progress is being made.
  • Some video footage will be provided to players to show progress and to share via social media.

*Provided to players registering for the full program and not drop in classes.

Adult Soccer Player Development Clinics

If you want to become a better soccer player you need to practice.

It’s easy to find time to practice soccer as a child or teenager, but what about as adults? At Ballsports Polson Pier, we believe you are never too old to keep improving. That’s why we have adult soccer clinics where regardless of your age, gender or skill level – practicing the right way will guarantee you get better.

The goal of our program is to help you have a better experience on the soccer pitch by building your confidence with and without the ball at your feet. Our coaches have a structure set up to help improve your soccer experience by challenging you, correcting technique, developing coordination in a fun like-minded environment. Our class sizes ensure that you get the most out of your interaction with our coaches. Participants in our clinics achieve greater confidence with the ball from the proven drills and hands-on instruction provided.

Which program is best suited for me?

We offer both beginner and intermediate clinics. Beginner clinics are geared towards individuals who are looking to learn technique even though they have never played or haven’t played in a long time. QCFC believes in the basics mastered model in which we provide all the soccer essentials (dribbling, passing, shooting, coordination, etc.) needed to help you develop up a skill level. In our intermediate clinic, we expect our participants to have the basics mastered so they can learn more advanced skills and develop their soccer IQ (knowledge of the game).

Coach Tray – Head of Adult Player Soccer Development 

Tristan is an experienced soccer player and coach.  He has played at a high level throughout his youth in Toronto and earned a soccer scholarship to Cornerstone University where he served as a captain in his final two seasons. Upon completion of his BSc degree in Exercise Science, he returned to Toronto with the intention of mastering his craft in soccer development and personal training. During this process he took the opportunity and started his own business QCFC, where he honed his skills training clients of all ages and skill levels. On the soccer pitch, Coach Tristan does not shy away from showing clients how to perform proper technique. His philosophy is based on mastering the fundamentals with a focus on mind-body coordination and maximizing touches on the ball. We are pleased to have Tristan as he continues to help us build a strong soccer development program.

Coach Mo – Adult Player Soccer Development 

Mamadou aka Mo has been coaching since 2015 and has a wealth of experience from competing at the Varsity level for the University of Toronto Mississauga. He has coached boys and girls competitively at the Mooredale Soccer Club. He has studied football business as he makes his way into the growing industry in Canada. He believes in developing players’ understanding of the game so they can make better decisions while working diligently on the skills required to be effective.

Coach Bassem – Adult Player Soccer Development 

Bassem is an experienced soccer player and coach. After playing competitively at the University of Toronto, he decided to pursue his passion for soccer by coaching at various soccer clinic programs. He has also coached different teams from various colleges to compete and excel in leagues. His coaching style is characterized by discipline and encouragement, which has helped players achieve results on the field. He has demonstrated an ability to motivate players of all ages and his communication skills are instrumental in fostering a positive team culture.

Can anyone participate in the clinics?
What is the main focus of these adult soccer clinics?
Walk us through an average practice - what can participants expect?
Do I need to be in good shape to participate?
When is it too late for an adult to improve their soccer skills?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Are there different classes for different skill levels?


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