League/Division League Winners Playoff Winners Top Scorer
Tuesday Women’s Division 1 LFC EY Victoria Odeyemi (LFC)
Tuesday Women’s Division 2 #Balless Team Beckham Yvonne Lae (#Balless)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 North Eagles Eagles Samuel Snell (Mosaic FC)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 East FC Habanero PFC Gabriel Fernandez (The Squirrrel Ducklings)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 South Toronto Rush Toronto Rush Samuel Peltier-Gilchrist (TFO FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 1 Harambini FC Harambini FC Daniel Braga (Harambini FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 2 Tarazhi Soccer WUTBG FC Klevius Jata (Autochthonous)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 3 CFS United CFS United Samuel Gilchrist (Skin Dogs)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 North High Park FC FC Soco Zak Proulx (High Park FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 South Altus Rovers 68ers Anton Kolesnikov (Royals FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 North Blackbirds FC Ball of Duty Fernao Guerra (Ball of Duty)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 South Honey Badgers Infastrikers Dean Silvaggi (Honey Badgers)
Friday Men’s Division 2 Romstar Romstar Tristan Esprit (Romstar)
Friday Men’s Division 3 AS Rosso WAM FC Klevius Jata (AS Rosso)
Saturday Co-ed Division The Worst Team Ever The Worst Team Ever Duncan Smith (The Worst Team Ever), Caleigh Copeland (The Worst Team Ever)
Sunday Men’s Division 1 Assorted Meats Assorted Meats Nick Sonsini (Assorted Meats)
Sunday Men’s Division 2 FC Bolegram FC Bolegram Douglas Pavoni Arienti (FC Bolegram)
Sunday Men’s Division 3 North Middlesbro Middlesbro Matteo Maniero (Dunwest Wanderers)
Sunday Men’s Division 3 South Soco FC RTB FC Uros Tubic (FKS), Dexter Spindler (RTB FC)
Sunday Men’s Division 4 North Mean Machine Mean Machine Enea George Pano (Mean Machine), Matthew Costa (Mean Machine), Andre Zaher (The Closers)
Sunday Men’s Division 5 Calcio 2012 The Dirty Apostolo Zeno (Calcio 2012), Stephen DiClemente