2018 Winter Champions

League/Division League Winners Playoff Winners Top Scorer
Tuesday Women’s Division East End United Royal York FC Jessica Leung (Team Becks)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 Mosaic Olé FC Anton Kolesnikov (Olé FC), Calaigh Copeland (Olé FC)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 3 North Team Clio Surgery Strikers Sepehr Khorasani (Surgery Strikers)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 3 South Soccerworld Soccerworld Christopher Savo (Is This Billable FC), Douglas Wylde (Soccerworld)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 1 Athletiki BC Picture Depot Andi Kararaj (FC Marlee)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 2 Best Looking Guy at the Bar FC Toronto Eye Care Mark Tarazhi (Unreal Madrid)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 3 The Firm Red Mist Milad Bakhshi (Toronto Athletic)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 North Page Rage Reis Arriaga Sebastian Carrizo (Reis Arriaga)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 South Criollos FC Criollos FC Daniel Barrios (Criollos FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 North Beachside Pirates Honey Badgers Matthew Carr (YNWA)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 South Soccerworld Soccerworld Graham Jones (Soccerworld)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Over 35 Division Los Mauricios  Los Mauricios Derek Gracias (Toronto High Park)
Friday Men’s Division Dynamo Soccer College Boreal Khapil Selvanathan (Dynamo Soccer)
Saturday Co-ed Division The Worst Team Ever Pinky De Bruyne Duncan Smith (The Worst Team Ever)
Sunday Men’s Division 1 FC Marlee  Assorted Meats Sergio Vidal (Toronto Blues)
Sunday Men’s Division 3  Granton Star Mean Machine Izel Koheren (Istanbul United)
Sunday Men’s Division 4 North Backwoods FC Cougar Bait Rami Mustafa (Backwoods FC), Stefano Vieira (Kaiser Cleats)
Sunday Men’s Division 4 South Hell’s Satans FC Hell’s Satans FC Neal Pollock (Black Stars), Gael Malet (Cantonas)
Sunday Men’s Division 5 Steeze FC Steeze FC Cameron Savage (Loyan’s Team)