Adult Beach Volleyball Clinics

Beach Volleyball Training Program is back this summer on Tuesday nights.

Registration for the Summer season is now open. Limited number of spots per session.

Parking Update: Parking fee of $10-15/night at Polson Pier from May to Sept.

We are bringing back our great training program for the spring & summer. We are offering both Beginner and Intermediate group training sessions on Tuesday nights. The program will be run by Clinic Coach Rich, who is a certified coach with many years of training and playing experience.

If you want to become a better volleyball player, on the sand or the court, you need to practice.

It’s easy to find practice time as a child or teenager, but what about as adults? At Ballsports Polson Pier, we believe you are never too young to stop improving. That’s why we have adult beach volleyball clinics where regardless of your age, gender, or skill level – practice will help you improve your game.

The goal of our program is fun, fitness, and improving your volleyball skills in a no-pressure setting. The curriculum is designed by your coach, Rich Serote. The exercises and skills he focuses on are fun, easy to understand, and our class sizes ensure that you get the most out of your interaction with the coaches. Participants in our clinics achieve greater confidence on the court from the proven drills and hands-on instruction provided.

Which program is best suited for me?

We offer both beginner and intermediate clinics. Beginner clinics are geared towards individuals who are new to the game or have little volleyball experience and start with the basics including setting, spiking, and bumping skills. In our intermediate clinic, we expect our participants to have the basics down so they can learn more advanced skills and game strategy to take their game to the next level.


Coach Rich

Rich is a former collegiate volleyball athlete who’s built himself an impressive coaching resume in a short time. Rich has his Level 1 National Coaching Certification Program certificate, and is currently studying for Level 2. He was the Men’s Volleyball All-Star as a member of George Brown College’s Men’s Volleyball team. His coaching resume includes time at Toronto West Volleyball club, George Brown College with both the women’s and men’s program, and other programs in the GTA geared towards high school athletes.

Can anyone participate in the clinics?
What is the main focus of these adult beach volleyball clinics?
Walk us through an average practice - what can participants expect?
Do I need to be in good shape to participate?
When is it too late for an adult to improve their beach volleyball skills?
Can you teach an old dog new tricks?
Are there different classes for different skill levels?

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Summer Beach Volleyball Clinics

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