Pick Up Soccer


  • $15 for a drop-in session
  • $100 for a pick up pass (10 drop-in sessions)
    • Max of 2 punches per person per day with a pick up pass

If you are looking for pick up soccer in Toronto you’ve come to the right place!

At Ballsports, we currently offer pick up soccer on Friday and Sunday.

If there are any changes to our posted pick up soccer schedule we will provide scheduling updates via Facebook and to everyone in our email database. You can stay updated on dates and times on on this webpage.

So what are you waiting for, tell your friends and family – and bring them all! When it comes to pick up soccer, we’ve got you covered at Ballsports.

Pick Up Soccer Rules

Indoor Format:

  • Maximum of 24 players per field
  • Maximum of 4 teams of 6 or 3 teams of 7-8 with 1 sub for teams with 8 per field
  • Team size: 6/5/4 + keeper
  • Play time: 8 Minutes

Outdoor Format (mini-pitch):

  • Maximum of 12 players
  • Maximum of 3 teams of 4 players
  • Team size: 4 (no keeper)
  • Play time: 8 minutes
  • Mini-pitch includes small built-in nets
  • The ball can be played off the boards during play


  • Winner stays on for maximum of 2 matches in a row
  • If match is tied, both teams come off if there are 4 teams
  • If two teams are sitting off, the next team will be the one who was off longest
  • If two teams were sitting off for equal time, a coin toss will determine next team
  • If there are 3 teams total and there is a tie, winner of previous match stays on
  • No slide tackling
  • Respect a call if it is made, put your hand up to call your own foul
  • If the ball goes out of bounds, it is replayed by a kick-in from the line
  • The entire ball must be outside the line in order to be called out
  • A re-kick is issued if a kick-in does not successfully enter in the field of play
  • Goalies cannot pick up the ball if passed back by their own player except if it goes off any part of their teammates body other than their feet
  • You may not score directly with a kick-in, free kick or corner
  • A direct free kick is issued only if a player intentionally commits a hand-ball
  • Teams must wear shirts of the same color (pinnies will be provided if needed)
  • The ball will be an outdoor regulation ball (size 5)
  • Smoking is not allowed in the facility
  • Profane, abusive, or foul language is not tolerated
  • No spitting is allowed
  • Anyone caught fighting will be banned from the facility
  • Climbing on the dome or equipment is not permitted

Pick Up Schedule

New Sunday Pick Up Soccer time at 11:30am