2017 Winter Champions

League/Division League Winners Playoff Winners Top Scorer
Tuesday Women’s Division LFC #Balless Atafa Alif (LFC)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 North Eagles Eagles James Murphy (FC Habanero)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 East Chubb Chaos Chub Chaos Matthew Alkerton (Chubb Chaos), Yvonne Lae (NBJ), Jenna Schroeder (Winter Milan)
Tue/Wed Co-ed Division 2 South Wolverines Wolverines Mark Reich(Clio)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 1 Serbian White Eagles Serbian White Eagles Stefan Stojilijkovic (Serbian White Eagles)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 2 North Toronto Eye Care Orisha Neil Brown (Gunners FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 2 South Unreal Madrid CFS United Mark Tarazhi (Unreal Madrid)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 3 The Damned United FC Naughty Little Firm Milad Bakhshi (The Damned United FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 North Reis Arriaga FCF Sebastian Carrizo (Reis Arriaga)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 East Altus Rovers Royals Andrew Deacon (Uber FC)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 4 South Aeterno FC Real Good Manu Pezzillo (Real AF)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 North Ball of Duty Honey Badgers Fernao Guerra (Ball of Duty)
Wed/Thurs Men’s Division 5 South Infrastrikers Toronto FD Ronan Mackle (Toronto FD)
Friday Men’s Division 2 DynamoSoccer.ca TCFC Klevius Jata (AS Rosso), Mohaned Kheir (Reds)
Friday Men’s Division 3 Hoggs College Boreal Peter Jang (FC Doormat)
Saturday Co-ed Division The Worst Team Ever Farcelona Duncan Smith (The Worst Team Ever), Yvonne Lae (Les Bleus)
Sunday Men’s Division 1 Toronto Blues Wellington Duncan Smith (Assorted Meats)
Sunday Men’s Division 3 North Middlesbro Dunwest Wanderers Matteo Maniero (Dunwest Warriors)
Sunday Men’s Division 3 South Mean Machine FKS Gavin Brancato (Mean Machine)
Sunday Men’s Division 4 North FCB The Closers Dorin Manase (Kunstlermannshaft)
Sunday Men’s Division 4 South Riverdale WAM FC Theo Tackey (Viewmount Villains)
Sunday Men’s Division 5 Toronto Beer Bottling FC Shameless Christian Sampson (Shameless)