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The Golden Boot Race with Sam Snell

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Ladies and gentlemen, we have now passed the midway point of the outdoor season at Toronto Rush, and “The Golden Boot Race” is officially underway! So, what does it take... Read more

Top 5 Reasons We Love Tim Leiweke!

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03-06-2014 TOP 5

Toronto sports fans need championships and titles - desperately. For years, Torontonians have been loyal to all their sports teams. However, these teams have continued to disappoint with the same... Read more

Winning The Golden Boot: Joanna Medri of Royal York FC

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In our latest edition of “The Golden Boot,” we’ve interviewed Joanna Medri of Royal York FC. Here’s what you need to know... Joanna scored 18 goals in the Tuesday Women’s... Read more

Real Madrid Foundation Youth Soccer Clinics Have Arrived!

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25-04-2014 NEWS

Soccerworld is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Real Madrid Foundation that will provide youth soccer players in Canada with an exciting new opportunity – professional training from... Read more

Captain Knows Best: Lynne Fox of The Yorkies

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In the latest edition of “Captain Knows Best,” we’ve interviewed Lynne Fox of Yorkies. Lynne didn’t play organized soccer before moving to Canada, but she’s certainly making up for lost... Read more

Game of the Week: East End United vs. Ernst & Young

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11-04-2014 GAME OF THE WEEK

On Tuesday night, East End United faced Ernst & Young in a battle of women’s North division rivals. Read more

Captain Knows Best: Marc Auger of Multiple Scoregasms FC

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The Scoregasms play a hot and heavy brand of footy in the Tuesday/Wednesday Co-ed Division 1, and when it comes to effort, they’ll never be accused of faking it. The... Read more

Game of the Week: Worst Team Ever vs Arselona

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28-03-2014 GAME OF THE WEEK

In Soccerworld’s Tuesday/Wednesday Co-Ed Division 1 winter session, two teams have staked their claim as the division’s best. On Wednesday night, Arselona and “Worst Team Ever” clashed in a battle... Read more

Captain Knows Best: Dr. Upen Kawale of Toronto Eye Care

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The venerable rec leaguers from Toronto Eye Care command respect when they walk into the building at Soccerworld. This team has carved out a reputation as a distinguished group of... Read more

Top 5 Reasons TFC Will Be Different This Year

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17-03-2014 TOP 5

When Toronto FC joined the MLS in 2007, the city of Toronto was riding a wave of excitement. The team may have been brutal, but we had professional soccer in... Read more

Top 5 Reasons To Join The Toronto Rush Outdoor Soccer League

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10-03-2014 TOP 5

Attention soccer fans… We have some exhilarating news that is bound to send you into child-like hysterics. It is with great enthusiasm that we make the following announcement: Winter is... Read more

Captain Knows Best: Dundas West FC’s Imran Meghji

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In our latest installment of “Captain Knows Best” we’ve interviewed Imran Meghji of Dundas West FC. They compete in our Saturday Co-ed league, and they’ve been playing together for three... Read more

Game of the Week: Elite United FC vs Toronto Celtic

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21-02-2014 GAME OF THE WEEK

When two teams square off in a rec league soccer match at Soccerworld, you never know what will happen. It could be a blowout, or it could be a nail... Read more

Captains Knows Best: Robert Babos of 5 Cantonas

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In our latest edition of “Captain Knows Best,” we’ve interviewed Robert Babos of “5 Cantonas.” The Babos-ian one has paced “5 Cantonas” through nine years of intense competition with the... Read more

Lil’ Strikers March Break Camp Open For Registration!

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12-02-2014 NEWS

The Lil’ Strikers multi-sport March Break camp is now open for registration! However, this is no ordinary camp. If you are looking to give your child an experience they will... Read more

Top 5 Reasons You Should Never Stop Playing Soccer

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06-02-2014 TOP 5

How long will you keep playing rec league soccer? Some people quit when they are 20, while others continue to play well into their golden years. At Soccerworld, we think... Read more

Partner Offer: Toronto FC Season Seats

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04-02-2014 CONTESTS / PROMO

Exclusive offer for TFC season tickets. Read more

Win a pair of Raptors tickets with Lil Strikers!

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04-02-2014 CONTESTS / PROMO

Win tickets to see the Raptors take on the Magic February 23rd. Read more

Win a pair of Leafs tickets with Soccerworld!

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04-02-2014 CONTESTS / PROMO

Win tickets to see the Leafs take on the Blue Jackets March 3rd...  Read more

Pick Up Soccer is Back!

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04-02-2014 NEWS

If you are looking for pick up soccer in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place! Read more

Winning The Golden Boot: Mohammad Hajiha of U of T Surgery

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Mohammad Hajiha is a life saver during the day, but he’s a killer on Tuesday nights.Mohammad scored 13 goals in the Tuesday co-ed Division 2 South to win “The Golden... Read more

Winning the Golden Boot: Saul Lopez of Kaiser Cleats

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Saul Lopez recently completed one hell of a successful session at Soccerworld. Saul “The Mexican Mirage” Lopez scored 15 goals while leading the Kaiser Cleats to a record of 8-1-2... Read more

Winning The Golden Boot: Yvonne Lae of Team X

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Soccer is a team sport, but sometimes it’s all about the individual effort. Every now and then a single player can elevate their game to a level that leads their... Read more

Adult Soccer Clinics with Coach Phil Woolley

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15-01-2014 NEWS

If you want to become a better soccer player, the formula is pretty simple – you need practice. Soccerworld runs adult soccer clinics available to everyone... Read more

Game of the Week: Hand of Doom vs Carlos Danger

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10-01-2014 GAME OF THE WEEK

If you’re thinking it’s the pseudo-name of a dirty sexting American politician named Anthony Weiner, you aren’t wrong. However, it’s also the name of Soccerworld’s Wednesday/Thursday Mens Division 5 South... Read more

Top 5 Reasons Soccerworld Is The Best Soccer League In Toronto

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02-01-2014 TOP 5

Based on the headline of this article, it would be fair to assume that we are arrogant here at Soccerworld. However, we can assure you that is far from the... Read more

Captain Knows Best: Conor Duncan of Nice to Michu

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Some teams are brought together by convenience, and others are brought together by fate. In the case of Nice to Michu, it’s a combination of the two. Nice to Michu... Read more

Captain Knows Best: Jacqueline Blackwood of Team Beckham

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Back in 2002, Jacqueline Blackwood had a dream. She wanted to create a recreational soccer team who pledged their allegiance to the very dreamy David Beckham. Eleven years later, mission... Read more

Game of the Week: Black Riders FC vs TUFC

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20-12-2013 GAME OF THE WEEK

On Sunday night, TUFC and the Black Riders FC fought to a 3-3 draw in men’s Division 3 North battle. Prior to the start of the match, both captains, Michael... Read more

Top 5 Reasons To Enter To Win A Night At The Royal York

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12-12-2013 CONTESTS / PROMO

Would you like a break? Of course you would! Between work, family, and sitting in traffic, most of us barely find time to sleep. Read more

Captain Knows Best: Sacha Lamoureux of RASHERS FC

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What do professional athletes miss the most when they retire? For most athletes it isn’t the money, the fame, or the endorsements. For most athletes, it’s hanging out with their... Read more

Coach’s Checklist: 3 Reasons To Start Your Child In Soccer At A Young Age

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02-12-2013 NEWS

Do we look familiar? Allow us to introduce ourselves... We are Gabby and Josie, and we’re two of the coaches that will be working with your children as part of... Read more

The top 10 crazy managerial reigns in English football

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26-09-2013 BLOG

Paolo Di Canio's dismissal as Sunderland manager brings to a close one of the most colourful chapters in both the history of the club and the Premier League. But the... Read more

Top 5 Indicators That You Take Rec League Soccer Way Too Serious

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28-08-2013 TOP 5

Are you annoyed when people take rec league soccer too seriously? Do you find yourself saying things like...“What’s up with that guy?” Or, “He must hate his job, and/or significant... Read more

Top 5 Reasons Watching A TFC Game Is Still Fun

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19-08-2013 TOP 5

As a sports fan living in the city of Toronto, I have to say that the last twenty years have been pretty miserable...  Read more

The good, the bad and the ugly: Suarez's huge highs and lingering lows at Liverpool

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09-08-2013 BLOG

Love him or hate him, there is never a dull moment when embattled Liverpool star Luis Suarez is in the headlines. Read more

Worst Logos in World Football

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01-08-2013 BLOG

There are some football clubs in life who ooze style. There are some who breathe originality. And there are some which epitomize coolness. However, there are some sad cases, in... Read more

England: Blessed be our youth

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25-06-2013 BLOG

Sitting 2 points behind Montenegro in Group H, England have done themselves no favours by failing to secure a win over the leaders Montenegro, Poland, or the Ukraine. All three... Read more

5 EPL players who have exceeded expectations this season.. and 5 who haven't

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23-05-2013 BLOG

End of term reports can be encouraging for some and uncomfortable reading for others. For the players in the Premier League it is no different. Many have excelled beyond expectation... Read more

Team of the Week

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16-04-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: Team MisturaLeague/Division: Sunday Men’s Division 3 South Read more

Team of the Week

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11-04-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: FC BordelloLeague/Division: Tue/Wed Co-Ed Div. 2 South Read more

Team of the Week

29766e2a37e979b18d18c428ff9c5aba Generic

09-04-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: FC DoormatLeague/Division: Friday Men's Division 3 Read more

Team of the Week

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02-04-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: Poison Ivey Football ClubLeague/Division: Wed/Thu Men’s Division 4 South Read more

Team of the Week

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23-03-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: KhackLeague/Division: Weds / Thursday Men's Division 5 South Read more

Top 10 Ballboy Misdemeanors

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20-03-2013 BLOG

With all this talk of ballboys getting kicked in the spleen and such, we thought we’d have a little look at some of the best ballboy-related foul-ups to have ever... Read more

Team of the Week

Cf4507ae4969876df39b5f798b6f40ce Generic

18-03-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: The DukesLeague/Division: Tuesday Women's Divison 2 Read more

Team of the Week

7293a47c0f4cdddd46ff10bcf3d23287 Generic

11-03-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Team Name: PhoenixLeague/Division: Tuesday/Wednesday Co-Ed Divison 1 Read more

Top 5 Football Harlem Shakes

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07-03-2013 BLOG

With the Harlem Shake taking over Gangnam Style’s viral pedestal, we’ve picked out our 5 favorite soccer-related Harlem Shakes.  Read more

Team of the Week

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22-01-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Sunday Men's Team Profile:   Krombacher County – Division 2 North Read more

Week 13 - Sunday Men's Leagues

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21-01-2013 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Sunday Men's Leagues Read more

Team of the Week

464131a32be92db1eb03bd70266fdd38 Generic

18-01-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Friday Men's Team Profile: ITF United – Division 3 Read more

Week 12 - Friday Men's

Ebe9ac202a3149b75a8ae8adb2e1d8a7 Generic

16-01-2013 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Friday Men's Leagues Read more

Team of the Week

A9ccd7cd1c4267a50c67ac0bd7180172 Generic

14-01-2013 TEAM PROFILES

Wed/Thu Men's Team Profile: Toronto Eye Care – Division 2 Read more

Week 11 - Weds / Thurs Men's

1c6c813bb9d5494160041c1c4ee2fb70 Generic

11-01-2013 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Wed / Thurs Men's Leagues Read more

Team of the week

7f2cd38b7681e6e2ef83b5a7a5385264 Generic

21-12-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Tues/Wed Co-ed Team Profile: Flying Diego's FC – Division 2 South Read more

Week 9 - Tues / Weds Coed

D063d8b7c1471349d2847c26ce4e4d8c Generic

21-12-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Tues / Weds Co-ed Leagues Read more

Team of the week

910084c4eb3461ee8947cd42bdd4b146 Generic

18-12-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Tuesday Women’s Team Profile: Barneys Angels – Division 1 Read more

Week 7 - Tuesday Women's

5d9bd784bfd234610bf8ba15e7ad6a4e Generic

17-12-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Tuesday Women's Leagues Read more

Premier League half-term report

62fb5f1024529266c6e71c0c0c9ddb3c Generic

13-12-2012 BLOG

The good, the bad and the ugly from the season so far. Read more

Team of the week

675d28c04794e3c683f4419536c4c15f Generic

11-12-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Sunday Men's Team Profile: JFT 1 – Division 2 Read more

Week 7 - Sunday Men's Leagues

Ee842e3019fee30e4ca87cc93974d54b Generic

10-12-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Sunday Men's Leagues Read more

Team of the week

F60a47f7792630a3a86bc14c0657e89c Generic

05-12-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Friday Men's Team Profile: TIFC – Division 2 Read more

Week 6 - Friday Men's Leagues

9ded0288e863fbe79d863f606cb05c21 Generic

04-12-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Friday Men's Leagues Read more

6v6 Formations

8dc425b2acbf9c68064b8a63eae1ffbc Generic

01-12-2012 BLOG

This week we turn our attention to some soccer strategy. Here's a rundown on some tips on how to play 6v6 Formations. Read more

Team of the week

Dc9e231f652301f80ea8e901bd9ec18a Generic

27-11-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Wednesday/Thursday Men's Team Profile: Cykicks – Division 5 North Read more

Week 5 - Wed/Thu Men's Leagues

D9b208614500b6f80739755fd29fad52 Generic

26-11-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Wed/Thu Men's Leagues Read more

Team of the week

4ab4b6df96c060fa741e97b50eafb07c Generic

21-11-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Soccerworld Tuesday/Wednesday Co-ed Team Profile: Bar Welly – Division 2 North Read more

Week 4 - Co-ed Leagues

97aa066dcc42404e7602768333af5659 Generic

20-11-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Co-ed Leagues Read more

Team of the week

47e29f9fe96a1771642fb05ac8a8fd00 Generic

13-11-2012 TEAM PROFILES

Soccerworld Tuesday Women's Team Profile: Royal York FC - Division 1 Read more

Week 3 - Tuesday Women's

1ea804dbf6a45ba977293c237ecc1b08 Generic

12-11-2012 WEEK IN REVIEW

Week In Review: Tuesday Women's Leagues Read more

The Biggest Hair In Football

85b62d4a27ea43297eb1ab349b6e06c6 Generic

28-08-2012 BLOG

Funny pics: The biggest hair in football including Fellaini, Keegan, Gullit (and Demba Ba?!) Read more

Life On The Line

E7c0584255fa6f2981e510285a9e9e4f Generic

27-08-2012 BLOG

Life on the line: How do goalkeepers cope with the punishing psychological toll? Read more

Soccerworld Goes Green

73608782f50eb6af17bb69bdcd662692 Generic

07-08-2012 NEWS

Brand new state-of-the-art LED lights were installed at Soccerworld today! Read more

Best 15 Minute Warm Up

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15-07-2012 BLOG

This warm up routine meets the important objectives of decreasing risk of injury, increases skills, and allows you to mentally prepare for the game at hand. Read more

Sex and football

398a8bc2e3f7f879ff0986359513be80 Generic

07-03-2012 BLOG

For many years there has been this whole myth about players should not have sex 1-2 days before a match as this will affect testosterone levels within in the body... Read more