Top 5 Reasons to Join Adult Clinics


Have you and your team asked each other these questions…how in the world are we so far out of playoff contention? Why has our team given up 6 goals in a game again? How has no one on the team managed to score in more than two games? Why does our attack lack that je […]

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Top 5: Refs Should Never Say or Do


We’ve spent the last year writing blogs that poke fun at our members, this year we decided to start off with a little bit of fun at the expense of our referees. Over the years the team here at Polson Pier has seen a lot of refereeing performances, and after brief discussion, we’ve come up […]

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Top 5 League Rules That You Didn’t Know


We’ve just kicked-off our 2015 indoor soccer season and wanted to give a big welcome to both our new and returning players. With over 2500 players in 170 teams over six leagues, it’s bound to be a busy, competitive, and fun season for everyone involved. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 league rules […]

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Top Five Ways To Spot a Ringer


We’ve all seen them before. The guys who aren’t quite on top of things when it’s midway through the season. That new guy or girl in a sea a familiar faces. The annoying enigma who appears a couple weeks shy of the season’s end to lift a team sitting dead last into a playoff spot. […]

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