Top 5 Reasons to Join Adult Clinics


Have you and your team asked each other these questions…how in the world are we so far out of playoff contention? Why has our team given up 6 goals in a game again? How has no one on the team managed to score in more than two games? Why does our attack lack that je […]

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Picking Proper Soccer Shoes


If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of soccer shoes, the task can seem a lot more overwhelming than you might expect. Do you want a leather or synthetic boot? Are you looking for turf shoes, outdoor cleats, or indoor shoes? Maybe your poor choice of footwear has gotten you kicked off the […]

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Playoff Final Preview: Womens Div 1


Welcome ladies and gents to our favourite time of year—it’s time to watch the showdown between our division’s finest teams and crown our playoff champs. Take a look at our newest Playoff Final Preview Blog. Tuesday Women’s League: Division 1 Playoff Final Tuesday Feb 2/16 8:20 PM Barneys Angels (1st Seed) vs. Royal York FC […]

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Video Poll: Who is your biggest rival?

With the playoffs coming up, we thought it would be a good time to ask some of our players a simple yet important question that everyone should be able to answer. In our latest video poll we ask… “who is your biggest rival in the league?” It turns out people were not shy in letting […]

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Science of the Game: Jumper’s Knee

With quick jumping movements and repetitive use of the patellar tendon, soccer players are at risk of developing Jumper’s Knee. In this week’s edition of Science of the Game, we enlisted the help of Myodetox Therapist Jonathan Lee to give us some pointers on how to prevent patellar tendonitis. Want to avoid any potential injuries? […]

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Top 5: Refs Should Never Say or Do


We’ve spent the last year writing blogs that poke fun at our members, this year we decided to start off with a little bit of fun at the expense of our referees. Over the years the team here at Polson Pier has seen a lot of refereeing performances, and after brief discussion, we’ve come up […]

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Science of the Game: Hip Imbalance

Without properly warming up before a game, you’re at risk of sustaining potential injuries to your body, especially your hips. With the constant movements on the field, hips are prone to injuries for any soccer player. In this week’s edition of Science of the Game, we enlisted the help of Myodetox Therapist, Jonathan Lee to […]

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Holiday Hours / Rental Times


We know that visions of Soccerworld will be dancing in your heads this holiday season, but don’t miss us too much! Our fall leagues will take a break starting on December 21 and start up again on January 5. Our office will be closed December 24, 25 and 31 as well as New Year’s Day. […]

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Top 5 Soccer Holiday Gift Ideas


Jingle bells, soccer balls, scoring with your head. What’s going on footy people? It’s been non-stop action here at Soccerworld Polson Pier and we’re well in the thick of things in every division.  With the holiday season upon us, and everyone getting into the giving spirit, we’ve decided to compile a list of this year’s […]

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