Picking Proper Soccer Shoes


If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of soccer shoes, the task can seem a lot more overwhelming than you might expect. Do you want a leather or synthetic boot? Are you looking for turf shoes, outdoor cleats, or indoor shoes? Maybe your poor choice of footwear has gotten you kicked off the […]

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Top 5: Refs Should Never Say or Do


We’ve spent the last year writing blogs that poke fun at our members, this year we decided to start off with a little bit of fun at the expense of our referees. Over the years the team here at Polson Pier has seen a lot of refereeing performances, and after brief discussion, we’ve come up […]

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Chris Northey of Barca Internazionale


In our next edition of “Captain Knows Best”, we interviewed Chris Northey of Barca Internazionale from the Wed/Thu Men’s League Division 1. Let’s just start off by saying that this team could be one of the best if not THE BEST TEAM in all our leagues. We know a few of you will debate this, […]

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