Pickup Soccer Do’s and Don’ts


Do: Respect a call if another player makes one. Without referees we know it can be tough to officiate the games but try to be as fair and realistic as possible. Don’t be afraid to put your hand up and call your own foul if you get knocked down or tripped up another player. It’s […]

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The Science of the Game – Video Series


We’re teaming up with Myodetox Performance Centre to bring you a brand new video series that will help you up your game and keep your body in top condition for the season. This 8-week series will teach you everything from how to prevent common injuries to new-age rehab techniques for your sore muscles. Four of […]

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Top Five Ways To Spot a Ringer


We’ve all seen them before. The guys who aren’t quite on top of things when it’s midway through the season. That new guy or girl in a sea a familiar faces. The annoying enigma who appears a couple weeks shy of the season’s end to lift a team sitting dead last into a playoff spot. […]

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Chris Northey of Barca Internazionale


In our next edition of “Captain Knows Best”, we interviewed Chris Northey of Barca Internazionale from the Wed/Thu Men’s League Division 1. Let’s just start off by saying that this team could be one of the best if not THE BEST TEAM in all our leagues. We know a few of you will debate this, […]

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Video Poll: Who is your favourite referee?


Here at Soccerworld we don’t take ourselves too seriously and are ready to tackle controversial topics. So for our next blog, we simply asked our players “who’s your favorite referee?” We all know that referees take a lot of flack when calling games, so we wanted to give them some recognition for the tough job […]

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